List of Genetic Labs

Labs that are regularly Publishing gene maps:

RNA SequencesSubviral RNA databasehttp:// of viroids and viroid-like RNAs
CADBhttp:// angles of protein structures, with associated crystallographic data
ParaDB mapping in human genomes
ALFRED frequencies and DNA polymorphisms
DPInteract sites for E. coli DNA-binding proteins
ASTRAL of domains of known structure, selected subsets, and sequence-structure correspondences
PathologyFIMMhttp://baygenomics.ucsf.eduIdentification of genes relevant to cardiovascular and pulmonary disease
HyPaLibhttp://bibiserv.techfak.Structural elements characteristic for classes of RNA
MitoDrome nuclear genes encoding proteins targeted to the mitochondrion

AMmtDB mitochondrial genes
PLMItRNA tRNA genes and molecules in photosynthetic eukaryotes

MitoNuc/MitoAln genes coding for mitochondrial proteins
RNA SequencesUTRdb/UTRsite′ and 3′ UTRs of eukaryotic mRNAs and relevant functional patterns
Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND)http://binddb.orgMolecular interactions, complexes, and pathways
SRPDB and functional information on signalrecognition particles
RNA Sequences5S Ribosomal RNA Database rRNA sequences
RNA SequencesNoncoding regulatory RNAs Database RNAs with regulatory functions
RNA SequencesCollection of mRNA-like Noncoding RNAs RNA transcripts
Plant snoRNA DB genes in plant species

BTKbase registry for X-linked agammaglobulinemia

KinMutBase protein kinase mutations
Database of Macromolecular Movements of protein and macromolecular motions, including movies
Gene Identification and StructurePromEC coli mRNA promoters with experimentally identified transcriptional start sites
Protein Sequence MotifsTMPDB transmembrane topologies

GeneCards database of human genes, maps, proteins and diseases

CroW 21 chromosome 21 database

HORDE of human genetic and genomic disorders
Guide RNA Database RNA sequences

ESTHER and alpha/beta hydrolase enzymes and relatives
Tooth Development Database expression in dental tissue
Protein Sequence MotifsBLOCKS sequence regions of protein families

EcoGene coli K-12 sequences

BodyMap and mouse gene expression data
Cytokine Gene Polymorphism in Human Disease gene polymorphism literature database

BSDhttp://bsd.cme.msu.eduComparative data on known biodegradative organisms

ASDB products and expression patterns of alternatively-spliced genes
CKAAPs DBhttp://ckaap.sdsc.eduStructurally-similar proteins with dissimilar sequences
CE Extension: A Resource to Compute and Review 3-D Protein Structure Alignments

CnidBase evolutionary genomics and gene expression

SV40 Large T-Antigen Mutant Database in SV40 large tumor antigen gene
Gene Identification and StructureCOMPEL on composite regulatory elements affecting gene transcription in eukaryotes

Asthma Gene Database and mutation studies on the genetics of asthma and allergy

CORGhttp://corg.molgen.mpg.deConserved non-coding sequence blocks
Protein Sequence MotifsASC-Active Sequence Collection short amino acid sequences
Protein Sequence MotifsNLSdb localization signals

PEP: Predictions for Entire Proteomes domain sequences
Decoys ‘R’ Us protein conformations based on sequence data

Prolysis and natural and synthetic protease inhibitors
DIP of protein-protein interactions
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationMetaCychttp://ecocyc.orgMetabolic pathways and enzymes from various organisms
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationEcoCyc coli K-12 genome, gene products, and metabolic pathways
Gene Identification and StructureDBTBS subtilis promoters and transcription factors

ERGO biological data from genomic, biochemical, expression, and genetic experiments, and from the literature
FAMSBASE three-dimensional structural models

SDAP, structures and IgE epitopes of allergenic proteins
PathologyINFEVERS Mediterranean Fever and hereditary inflammatory disorder mutation data
PathologyMetaFMF Mediterranean Fever phenotype-genotype correlation

Full-Malaria cDNA library from erythrocytic-stage Plasmodium falciparum

GELBANKhttp://gelbank.anl.gov2D-gel electrophoresis patterns from completed genomes
Genetic and Physical MapsGeneLoc human maps

Mouse Atlas and Gene Expression Database gene expression data
SubtiList subtilis genome

Histone Database and histone fold sequences and structures

Homeodomain Resource sequences, structures, and related genetic and genomic information
Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters:UCSC Genome Browser assemblies and annotation

Stanford Microarray Database and normalized data from microarray experiments
Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) cerevisiae genome
Genetic and Physical MapsGenMapDB human BAC clones
GénoPlante-Infohttp://genoplante-info.infobiogen.frPlant genomic data derived from the Génoplante consortium
FLAGdb/FSThttp://genoplante-info.infobiogen.frArabidopsis thaliana T-DNA transformants

GenProtEChttp://genprotec.mbl.eduEscherichia coli K-12 genome, gene products, and homologs
PathologyGOLD.dbhttp://gold.tugraz.atGenes, proteins, and pathways implicated in lipid-associated disorders
Kidney Development Database development and gene expression
Gene Identification and StructureGene Resource Locator of ESTs with finished human sequence
ModBase comparative protein structure models

HGVbase Genome Variation database

trEST, trGEN and Hitshttp://hits.isb-sib.chPredicted protein sequences
Protein DatabasesHIV RT and Protease Sequence Databasehttp://hivdb.stanford.eduHIV reverse transcriptase and protease sequences
Mutation DatabasesHIV-RT reverse transcriptase and protease sequence variation
HIV Sequence Database RNA sequences
Protein DatabasesHIV Molecular Immunology Database epitopes
Protein DatabasesHomeobox Page relevant to homeobox proteins, classification, and evolution
Comparative GenomicsHomophilahttp://homophila.sdsc.eduRelationship of human disease genes to genes in Drosophila
HugeIndexhttp://hugeindex.orgmRNA expression levels of human genes in normal tissues
IRESdb ribosome entry sites
Genomic DatabasesGOLD regarding complete and ongoing genome projects
Protein DatabasesIMGT, T cell receptor, and MHC sequences from human and other vertebrates
Kabat Database of proteins of immunological interest
Mutation DatabasesMutation Spectra Database in viral, bacterial, yeast, and mammalian genes
InterDom protein domain interactions
Gene Identification and StructureExInt structure of eukaryotic genes
Protein DatabasesABCdb transporters
Genetic and Physical MapsIXDBhttp://ixdb.mpimg-berlin-dahlem.mpg.dePhysical maps of human chromosome X
Vectordb and classification of nucleic acid vectors
WILMA elegans annotation
DAtAhttp://luggagefast.Stanford.EDU/Annotated coding sequences from Arabidopsis
RNA SequencesSmall RNA Database sequencing of small RNA sequences from prokaryotes and eukaryotes
Comparative GenomicsMBGD genome database for comparative genomic analysis
Gene Identification and StructureEID, intron-containing genes
MEPD expression data from the small freshwater fish Medaka
RNA SequencesRNA Modification Database modified nucleosides in RNA
GOBASE genome database
Gene Identification and StructurePlantProm promoter sequences for RNA polymerase II
MetaFam protein family information
Mutation Databasesp53 Databases at the human p53 and hprt genes; rodent transgenic lacI and lacZ mutations
Metalloprotein Database and Browser sites in metalloproteins
Protein DatabasesPROMISE centers and metal ions in protein active sites
MPIMP protein import machinery of plants
Genomic DatabasesMITOP proteins, genes, and diseases
Genomic DatabasesMOsDB sativa genome
Gene Identification and StructureSputnik annotation of clustered plant ESTs
RsGDB sphaeroides genome
MolMovDBhttp://MolMovDB.orgDatabase of macromolecular movements
Protein Sequence MotifseMOTIF sequence motif determination and searches
Gene ExpressionMTID beauty transposon insertion in mice
PASS2 motifs of protein superfamilies
NDB acid-containing structures
Protein DatabasesNuclear Protein Database (NPD) localized in the nucleus
Nuclear Receptor Resource receptor superfamily
NTDB data for nucleic acids
Gene Identification and StructureIDB/IEDB sequence and evolution
European Ribosomal RNA Database of ribosomal RNA sequences with secondary structure information
Gene Identification and StructurePlantCARE transcription sites
PANTHERhttp://panther.celera.comGene products organized by biological function
PALI and alignment of homologous protein structures
Protein Sequence MotifsSUPFAM of sequence families into superfamilies
Genomic DatabasesEMGlib sequenced microbial genomes from bacteria, archaea, yeast
Genomic DatabasesNRSub subtilis genome
Protein DatabasesRTKdb tyrosine kinase sequences
Gene ExpressionFlyView development and genetics
Genomic DatabasesPEDANT genome databasehttp://pedant.gsf.deAutomated analysis of genomic sequences
Protein DatabasesProtein Information Resource (PIR)http://pir.georgetown.eduComprehensive, annotated, non-redundant protein sequence database
ProClass families defined by PIR superfamilies and PROSITE patterns
Protein DatabasesPIR-NREF reference database with comprehensive protein sequences
Protein DatabasesPKR kinase sequences, enzymology, genetics, and molecular and structural properties
Protein DatabasesPlantsP/PlantsThttp://plantsp.sdsc.eduFunctional genomics databases focusing on protein involved in plant phosphorylation and membrane transport
PlasmoDBhttp://PlasmoDB.orgThe Plasmodium falciparum Genome Database
Mutation DatabasesPMD of protein mutant data
PRESAGE structures with experimental and predictive annotations
RNA SequencesNCIR base-base interactions in known RNA structures
ProDom domain families
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationPRODORIChttp://prodoric.tu-bs.deProkaryotic database of gene regulation and regulatory networks
DSMM of simulated molecular motions
Protein Sequence MotifsProtoMaphttp://protomap.cornell.eduAutomated hierarchical classification of SWISS-PROT proteins
SRPDB recognition particle RNA, SRP protein and SRP receptor sequences and alignments
tmRDB (10Sa RNA) sequences and alignments
RNA SequencesARED element-containing mRNAs
RNA SequencesRibosomal Database Project (RDP II)http://rdb.cme.msu.edurRNA sequence data, analysis tools, alignments and phylogenies
Proteome ResourcesREBASE enzymes and associated methylases
Gene ExpressionRECODEhttp://recode.genetics.utah.eduGenes using programmed translational recoding in their expression
Rat Genome Databasehttp://rgd.mcw.eduRat genetic and genomic data
Genomic DatabasesINE genetic and physical maps and sequence data
Rice GAAS genome sequence
Protein DatabasesAARSDB synthetase sequences
Gene Identification and StructureRRNDBhttp://rrndb.cme.msu.eduVariation in prokaryotic ribosomal RNA operons
SCOP and structural protein relationships
SCORhttp://scor.lbl.govRNA structural relationships
Olfactory Receptor Database for olfactory receptor-like molecules
SEVENShttp://sevens.cbrc.jp7-transmembrane helix receptors
Protein Sequence MotifsSMART domain sequences
Gene Identification and StructureSNP Consortium databasehttp://snp.cshl.orgSingle Nucleotide Polymorphisms for biomedical research
SOURCEhttp://source.stanford.eduFunctional genomic resource for annotations ontologies, and expression data
PPMdb plasma membrane protein sequence and expression data
GTOP of small molecules (hetero-compounds)
PDBsum Probe Database
PSSH between protein sequences and tertiary structures
Structure-Superposition Databasehttp://ssd.rbvi.ucsf.eduPairwise superposition of TIM-barrel structures
SUPERFAMILYhttp://supfam.orgAssignments of proteins to structural superfamilies
MHC-Peptide Interaction Database I and class II MHC-peptide complexes
Protein Sequence MotifsSYSTERS of protein sequences into disjoint clusters with annotations from various other resources
Transgenic/Targeted Mutation Database on transgenic animals and targeted mutations
Mutation DatabasesGRAP Mutant Databases of family A G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GRAP)
Tree of Life on phylogeny and biodiversity
Genomic DatabasesToxoDB: The Toxoplasma gondii Genome Databasehttp://ToxoDB.orgApicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii genome
TRANSFAC factors and binding sites
PathologyMouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB)http://tumor.informatics.jax.orgMouse tumor names, classification, incidence, pathology, genetic factors
Genomic DatabasesCropNet mapping in crop plants
RNA SequencesRISCC 16S-23S RNA gene spacer regions
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationThe University of Minnesota Biocatalysis Biodegradation Database information on microbial catabolism and related biotransformations
Gene Identification and StructureTransTerm usage, start and stop signals
VirOligohttp://viroligo.okstate.eduVirus-specific oligonucleotides for PCR and hybridization
MHCPEP peptides
WIT2 system for functional curation and development of metabolic models
WorfDBhttp://worf.dfci.harvard.eduCaenorhabditis elegans ORFeome
Gene ExpressionNetAffixhttp://www.affymetrics.comPublic Affymetrix probesets and annotations
Gene Identification and StructureAllGeneshttp://www.allgenes.orgHuman and mouse gene index integrating gene, transcript and protein annotation
Mutation DatabasesOnline Mendelian Inheritance in Animals of animal genetic and genomic disorders
The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR)http://www.arabidopsis.orgArabidopsis thaliana genome
Protein DatabasesAraC/XylS databasehttp://www.AraC-XylS.orgAraC/XylS protein family of positive regulators in bacteria
Yeast snoRNA Database small nucleolar RNAs
TRANSPATH regulatory networks and microarray analysis
VIDA genome open reading frames
Gene3D structural assignments for genes within whole genomes
VIDA viral protein families
CATH classification of protein domain structures
PDBsum and analyses of PDB structures
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationKlotho and categorization of biological compounds
BioImagehttp://www.bioimage.orgSearchable database of multidimensional biological images
PRINTS gene family fingerprints
Genomic DatabasesOGRe mitochondrial genome sequences for 200 metazoan species
Gene Identification and StructureASAP spliced isoforms
Protein DatabasesEndogenous GPCR List protein-coupled receptors; expression in cell lines
Gene Identification and StructurePACRAT and bacterial intergenic sequence features
MPDB on synthetic oligonucleotides proven useful as primers or probes
BioMagResBank spectroscopic data from proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids
STRING functional associations between proteins
Cytokine Gene Polymorphism Database gene polymorphisms, in vitro expression and disease-association studies
Mutation DatabasesCASRDB Sensing Receptor Locus Mutation Database
Genomic DatabasesCATMAhttp://www.catma.orgArabidopsis gene sequence tags (GSTs)
expressionEPConDB pancreas consortium database
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationEpoDB expressed during human erythropoiesis
EpoDB expressed in vertebrate red blood cells
TESS element search system
PDB-REPRDB protein chains, based on PDB entries
PhosphoBase phosphorylation sites
Protein Sequence MotifsNESbase export signals
Protein Sequence MotifsO-GLYCBASE and O-linked glycosylation sites
CSD structure information for organic and metal organic compounds
Gene Identification and StructureMICdb microsattelites
Protein DatabasesCSDBase shock domain-containing proteins
RegulonDB coli transcriptional regulation and operon organization
Protein DatabasesFUNPEP or compositionally-biased protein sequences
Protein DatabasesEXProt with experimentally-verified function
Peptaibol (antibiotic peptide) sequences
Intronerator splicing and gene structure in C. elegans; alignments of C. briggsae and C. elegans genomic sequences
Ares Lab Intron Site spliceosomal introns
STRBase tandem DNA repeats
Mutation DatabasesPTCH Mutation Database and SNPs found in PTCH1
Axeldb expression in Xenopus
SWEET-DB carbohydrate structure and substance information
Mutation DatabasesRB1 Gene Mutation Database in the human retinoblastoma (RB1) gene
Gene Identification and StructurePLACE cis-acting regulatory elements
Genetic and Physical MapsGenAtlas genes, markers, and phenotypes
Gene ExpressionArrayExpress collection of microarray gene expression data
Protein Sequence MotifsCluSTr classification of SWISS-PROT + TrEMBL proteins into related groups
International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration:EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Database known nucleotide and protein sequences
Protein DatabasesIMGT/HLA major histocompatibility comples
Protein DatabasesIMGT/MHC Database histocompatibility complex sequences
Protein DatabasesInterPro families and domains
Protein Sequence MotifsInterPro documentation resource for protein families, domains, and sites
E-MSD data on macromolecular structures
Proteome ResourcesProteome Analysis Database application of interpro and clustr for the functional classification of proteins in whole genomes
Genetic and Physical MapsRHdb hybrid map data
Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters:Ensemblhttp://www.ensembl.orgAnnotated information on eukaryotic genomes
NUREBASE Receptor dataBase
Gene Identification and StructureEPD POL II promoters with experimentally-determined transcription start sites
Proteome ResourcesSWISS-2DPAGE two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis database
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationENZYME nomenclature
Protein Sequence MotifsPROSITE protein patterns and profiles
Protein DatabasesSWISS-PROT/TrEMBL protein sequences
16S and 23S Ribosomal RNA Mutation Database and 23S rRNA mutations
RNA SequencesDatabase for mobile group II introns for mobile group II introns
Genomic DatabasesFlyBasehttp://www.fruitfly.orgDrosophila sequences and genomic information
Genomic DatabasesHGT-DB horizontally-transferred genes in prokaryotic genomes
Genetic and Physical MapsGDBhttp://www.gdb.orgHuman genes and genomic maps
Genew symbols for all human genes
TRANSCompel regulatory elements
Proteome ResourcesAAindex properties of peptides
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationLIGAND ligands, substrates, and reactions
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationKyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) and regulatory pathways
MAGEST ( the ascidian, Halocynthia roretzi ) Gene Expression patterns and Sequence Tags
GlycoSuiteDBhttp://www.glycosuite.comN- and O-linked glycan structures and biological source information
Protein DatabasesGPCRDB protein-coupled receptors
GrainGeneshttp://www.graingenes.orgGenomic database for small-grain crops
Protein DatabasesDExH/D Family Database, DEAH-box, and DExH-box proteins
Mutation DatabasesHuman Gene Mutation Database (HGMD)http://www.hgmd.orgKnown (published) gene lesions underlying human inherited disease
Mutation DatabasesHuman PAX2 Allelic Variant Database in human PAX2 gene
Mutation DatabasesHuman PAX6 Allelic Variant Database in human PAX6 gene
Gene Identification and StructureHUNT human full-length cDNA sequences
Mutation DatabasesHvrBasehttp://www.hvrbase.dePrimate mtDNA control region sequences
Gene Identification and StructureHvrBasehttp://www.hvrbase.orgPrimate mtDNA control region sequences
Mutation DatabasesiARC p53 Database mutations and small deletions in human p53 reported in peer-reviewed literature
Mutation DatabasesHuman p53/hprt, rodent lacI/lacZ databases the human p53 and hprt genes; rodent transgenic lacI and lacZ mutations
HOX-PRO of homeobox genes
Protein DatabasesooTFDhttp://www.ifti.orgTranscription factors and gene expression
Gene ExpressionMIRAGE informatics resource for the analysis of gene expression
IMB Jena Image Library of Biological Macromolecules and analysis of three-dimensional biopolymer structures
The tmRNA Website sequences, foldings, and alignments
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology abnormalities in cancer
DBcat of databases
Genetic and Physical MapsGenetpig mapping in pig
Genetic and Physical MapsHuGeMap genome genetic and physical map data
Virgil interconnectivity
Genomic DatabasesMouse Genome Database (MGD)http://www.informatics.jax.orgMouse genetics and genomics
Gene Expression Database (GXD) gene expression and genomics
Genomic DatabasesIRIShttp://www.iris.irri.orgRice germplasm geneology and field data; rice structural and functional genomics and proteomics
Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters:H-InvDB gene database, with Integrative Annotation Validated by Full-Length cDNA Clones
JenPep and quantitative thermodynamic data on peptide binding to immunological biomacromolecules
Gene Identification and StructureCUTG usage tables
Genomic DatabasesCyanoBase sp. genome
Protein DatabasesHUGE (50 kDa) human proteins and cDNA sequences
Haemophila B Mutation Database mutations, short additions, and deletions in the Factor IX gene
UM-BBD biocatalytic reactions and biodegradation pathways
Mutation DatabasesHuman Type I and Type III Collagen Mutation Database type I and type III collagen gene mutations
Lipase Engineering Database information on sequence, structure and function of lipases and esterases
Interferon Stimulated Gene Database induced by treatment with interferons
Database of Germline p53 Mutations in human tumor and cell line p53 gene
Genomic DatabasesICB and classification of bacteria using protein-coding
Protein DatabasesRibonuclease P Database P sequences, alignments, and structures
Androgen Receptor Gene Mutations Database in the androgen receptor gene
Genomic DatabasesMtDB trunculata genome
Genomic DatabasesMendel Database of plant EST and STS sequences annotated with gene family information
MEROPS enzymes (proteases/peptidases)
Gene ExpressionMethDBhttp://www.methdb.deDNA methylation data, patterns, and profiles
probeBase oligonucleotide probe sequences, DNA microarray layouts and associated information
Genomic DatabasesMIPS and genomic sequences
Genomic DatabasesMunich Information Center for Protein Sequences (MIPS) and genomic sequences
Genomic DatabasesMITOMAPhttp://www.mitomap.orgHuman mitochondrial genome
Database of Ribosomal Crosslinks (DRC) crosslinking data
Cre Transgenic Database transgenic mouse lines
RefSeq sequence standards for genomes, genes, transcripts and proteins
International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration:GenBank known nucleotide and protein sequences
NCBI Taxonomy Browser of all organisms that are represented in the genetic databases with at least one nucleotide or protein sequence
Comparative GenomicsClusters of Orthologous Groups (COG) classification of proteins from 43 complete genomes
Genetic and Physical MapsGeneMap ’99 Radiation Mapping Consortium human gene map
LocusLink/RefSeq sequence and descriptive information about genetic loci
Mutation DatabasesOnline Mendelian Inheritance in Man of human genetic and genomic disorders
PathologyBayGenomics of human genetic and genomic disorders
PubMed and Pre-MEDLINE citations
Mutation DatabasesdbSNP nucleotidepolymorphisms
CDD models for conserved protein domains
MMDB experimentally-determined three-dimensional structures, linked to NCBI Entrez
Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters:UniGene sequences partitioned into a non-redundant set
Comparative GenomicsXREFdb of model organism genetics with mammalian phenotypes
DSDBASE and modeled disulfide bonds in proteins
Metabolic Pathways and Cellular RegulationPathDB pathways, compounds and metabolism
Protein DatabasesInBase protein sequences (inteins) and motifs
Genomic DatabasesMedicago Genome Initiative legume Medicago truncatula ESTs, gene expression, and proteomic data
Imprinted Genes and Parent-of-Origin Effects genes and parent-of-origin effects in animals
Mutation DatabasesPAHdb at the phenylalanine hydroxylase locus
LGICdb ion channel subunit sequences
Gene ExpressionPEDB and aberrant prostate gene expression
PathologyPEDB from prostate tissue and cell type-specific cDNA libraries
The Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics Knowledge Basehttp://www.pharmgkb.orgVariation in drug response based on human variation
Mutation DatabasesPHEXdb in PHEX gene causing X-linked hypophosphatemia
RNA SequencesNoncoding regulatory RNAs database non-protein coding RNAs with relevant gene expression information
ISSD sequence and structural information
Proteome BioKnowledge Libraryhttp://www.proteome.comModel organism pathogen, and mammalian proteomes
Protein DatabasesProtoNet clustering of SWISS-PROT
PDB data determined by X-ray crystallography and NMR
Gene Identification and StructureRTPrimerDB PCR primer and probe sequence records
RTPrimerDB PCR primer and probe sequence records
Protein DatabasesNRMD Information System for Nuclear Receptors
RIDOM (16S and ITS) sequence-based identification of medical microorganisms
RNABasehttp://www.rnabase.orgRNA-containing structures from PDB and NDB
ProTherm data for wild-type and mutant proteins
Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters:STACK expressed in the human genome
HSSP families and alignments; structurally-conserved regions and domain architecture
GB4-RH (GB4) human radiation hybrid maps
Genomic DatabasesACeDB elegans, S. pombe, and human sequences and genomic information
Protein Sequence MotifsPfam sequence alignments and hidden Markov models of common protein domains
RNA SequencesRfam RNA families
Gene Identification and StructureHS3D exon, intron and splice regions
Gene ExpressionSeedGeneshttp://www.seedgenes.orgGenes essential for Arabidopsis development
Genomic DatabasesOryzabase genetics and genomics
Wnt Database secreted signaling molecules – proteins and phenotypes
Genomic DatabasesArkDB databases for farm and other animals
Genetic and Physical MapsDRESH cDNA clones homologous to Drosophila mutant genes
Comprehensive Microbial Resource microbial genomes
TIGR Rice Genome Annotation Resource sequence, BAC/PAC clones and related mapping data
Human BAC Ends Database human BAC end sequences
Non-redundant, gene-oriented clusters:TIGR Gene Indices, plants and humans
TIGR Microbial Database genomes and chromosomes
Protein DatabasesTIGRFAMs family resource for the functional identification of proteins
TOPS of protein structure
PathologyOral Cancer Gene Database, molecular, and biological data for genes involved in oral cancer
PathologyTumor Gene Family Databases (TGDBs), molecular, and biological data about genes involved in various cancers
Mutation DatabasesNCL Mutations and polymorphisms in neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses (NCL) genes
PathologyPGDB and genomic loci related to the prostate and prostatic diseases
tRNA Sequences and tRNA gene sequences
Gene Identification and StructureWormBasehttp://www.wormbase.orgGuide to C. elegans biology
WormBasehttp://www.wormbase.orgGenomic data on C. elegans and related nematodes
ZFINhttp://www.zfin.orgGenetic, genomic and developmental data from zebrafish
Protein Sequence MotifsSBASE protein domain sequences
HOWDY human genomic information
Pseudobase on RNA pseudoknots
SLoop of protein loops
BAliBASE database for comparison of multiple sequence alignments
Genomic DatabasesMitoDat proteins (predominantly human)
ACTIVITY DNA/RNA site activity
SELEXdb DNA/RNA functional site sequences
Gene Identification and StructureTRRD regulatory regions of eukaryotic genes
Protein DatabasesASPD selected proteins/peptides database
Gene Identification and StructurerSNP Guide nucleotide polymorphisms in regulatory gene regions
PIR-ALN sequence alignments
RESID structure modifications
Genetic and Physical MapsG3-RH G3 and TNG radiation hybrid maps
LPFC of protein family core structures
Protein DatabasesSENTRA signal transduction proteins
Genomic DatabasesPhytophora Genome Consortium Database from Phytophthora infestans and Phytophthora sojae
KDBI data on biomolecular interactions
HIC-Up of small molecules (hetero-compounds)
TRIPLES Phenotypes, Localization, and Expression in Saccharomyces
ZmDB genome database
Genomic DatabasesPlantGDB plant genomic sequences
Genomic DatabasesASAP annotation package for community-based annotation and analysis of genomes