GPR160 Lentiviral Vector Human pLenti GIII

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Insert Size 4206 bp

Are designing primers using a Kozak sequence demanded or is ATG enough?

Why is my lentiviral infection of lower efficacy than transduction?
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How should I store my lentivirus?

Guarantee abm guarantees that the proper ORF construct is provided along with the mRNA expression is displayed upon successful transduction. If that is not the case, we will offer a one-time replacement. Clients must supply adequate data to reveal 80% transfection efficiency using a positive control, and additional qPCR information to evaluate the level of gene expression. The replacement won’t be covered by exactly the identical guarantee.

Stability 1 year when stored at -20°C or reduced in a non-frost freezer.
What beginning variety of puromycin should I use for the antibiotic selection?
Package into Lentiviral particles for top efficiency transduction and stably integrated saying
How are your DNA pLenti vectors provided?
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I also need an empty vectors for a control, how do I go about ordering this?
What’s the cell density which the client should use for lentivirus infection?
Disclaimer for transcript variants: The supplied accession number refers to the transcript (mRNA) arrangement for this particular product. This clone’s molecular sequence aligns as a point of reference. But, individual transcript sequences of the identical receptor can differ through naturally occurring variations (e.g. polymorphisms), each with its own existence that is valid. This clone is in agreement with the reference, but a review of all variants that are prevailing is recommended. All sales are final.


Choice Marker Bacterial: Kanamycin. Mammalian: Puromycin
What is the difference between the pLenti-III and the pLenti-GIII vectors?
The UTX expression will be driven by a CMV promoter, with a GFP reporter. Inserts are flanked by and can be excised using NheI and BamHI provided that inserts do not include any inner NheI or BamHI websites.
Which lentiviral genes have been eliminated from the viral vector to leave it replication deficient?

  1. Disclaimer for extra nucleotides: Cloning can lead to the insertion of nucleotides at the 5′ or 3′ end of the gene of interest which, in most cases, is benign to the stability/functionality and the expression of the gene.

Species Human

Direct non-viral plasmid transfection for immediate expression
Important Considerations for Lentiviruses
What is the quantity provided?
Could you please advice on a protocol for vector extraction out of filter paper?
Enriched Lentivirus Safety Features: Replication Incompetency
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Lentivector Packaging Protocol

Viral Packaging abm recommends utilizing Cat# G074, Lentifectin™ Together with one of the following packaging combinations. The packaging mix for this particular vector is # LV003. Alternatively, you can utilize # LV053 to Cat
Where is the polyA signal in your vectors?
Are they high copy or low copy plasmids? What’s anticipated DNA return?
Does your lentiviral strategy comprise the WPRE gene? In that case, is this the wildtype WPRE sequence?

  1. Disclaimer for planned usage: All of abm’s vectors and viral particles are for research use ONLY and NOT for therapeutic/diagnostic software. abm isn’t responsible for any repercussions arising from the use of its vector(s) from therapeutic/diagnostic program (s).
    Please note that because of the large number of factors related, any further expression analysis (e.g. protein saying ) isn’t covered by the guarantee, as such analysis depends upon the end consumer’s experimental problems.
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    Selection-Drug Killing Curve

Format Lentiviral Plasmid

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Suggested MOI for Common Cancer Cell Lines
How do I compute the MOI?
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  1. Disclaimer for gene arrangement: The supplied accession number refers to the transcript (mRNA) arrangement for this particular item. Please verify that this is the desired transcript order by cross-referencing. This is crucial because one gene can have multiple transcripts owing to naturally occurring variations. All sales are final.

Which packing system should I use, 2nd or 3rd generation?
What is the HA tag sequence?

  1. Disclaimer for the stop codon: The stop codon for the inserted gene is situated after the 3′ cloning site in our GIII vectors. Our GIII vectors contain open ORF inserts (no stop codon) to allow for subsequent insertion into additional vectors with C-terminal tags or C-terminal fusion proteins if desired. Please be aware if no mix or label protein is necessary in vectors that a stop codon will need to be inserted by PCR towards the end of the gene insert.
    Do your pLenti vectors incorporate a chimeric RSV promoter upstream of the 5′ LTR?

Vector Size 8829bp

Can you have viral particles for this item?
Plasmid Amplification Protocol

For the GIII third generation lentiviral vectors, are there recombination sites flanking the insert sequence?

Vector pLenti-GIII-CMV-GFP-2A-Puro